PMS Distribution

Stock Broking

Want your Equity portfolio to be managed by expert Fund Managers and their professional team? We can help you gain access to some of the most renowned Equity managers in the country.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) as mandated by SEBI guidelines, requires a minimum investment of ₹50 Lakh and is a game-changing solution for wealth management of HNI’s (High Networth Individuals) looking out to get their Equity portfolios managed by industry experts.

PMS provides an opportunity to own certain multibagger ideas that are identified early and profit from the same.
BHCO collaborates with only a certain carefully chosen group of PMS Managers like ENAM AMC, Marcellus, Jeetay, KRC PMS.

Why Go For PMS?

Personalised investment management

Tailored investment strategies based on unique financial goals and preferences

Exposure to certain Themes/Story

Aligning portfolio with specific investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon

Opportunity to ride potential Multibaggers early

Strategic allocation of assets optimising the risk-reward balance and maximising returns

Potential for Higher Returns

Superior investment performance through expert management & early identification of potential winners.

Access to exclusive investment opportunities

Range of opportunities and assets typically not available to individual investors.

Let’s Plan Your Finances Together

Invest in what is right for you! We understand your family & financial background, Goals & Risk Tolerance to best design an Investment Strategy that is optimal for your goals. Also have some existing Investments? Get them reviewed by us. Get a Health Check of your portfolio.
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