Fixed Income

Stock Broking

Government Bonds, Corporate FDs, RBI Bonds to even Sov. Gold Bonds are available to purchase in your portfolio as Secured and Income Generating Fixed Income assets.

Adding Fixed Income to a portfolio of equities, reduces the overall risk/volatility of the portfolio and improves the risk adjusted returns.

Why Fixed Income Products?

Secure Investment Option

Ensures safety of capital(Sovereign Bonds/Quasi-Government Securities) and delivers consistent returns

Reliable Income Stream

An attractive choice for those seeking regular cash flow


Provides a good diversification option. Correlation between Equity & Fixed Income securities is generally Low/negative.

Liability Immunisation

We can use Fixed Income to reliably cover & plan to meet future liabilities with certainty.

Ideal for Risk-Averse Investors

Excellent choice for investors who prefer not taking Risks or want a conservative investment approach.

Let’s Plan Your Finances Together

Invest in what is right for you! We understand your family & financial background, Goals & Risk Tolerance to best design an Investment Strategy that is optimal for your goals. Also have some existing Investments? Get them reviewed by us. Get a Health Check of your portfolio.
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